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12th-Sep-2006 01:18 am
I avoided the news all day today. I just didn't want to deal with what I felt would be less than grandstanding and pontificating by many people in our country. I know there are people doing serious reflection and discussion, but I just didn't want to take the chance of running across the others. hinoai started a thread on her site though. Overall it was pretty cool to read what people posted, regardless of what it was that was said. You can read my comments here.

While I'm usually not "proud" of many things I do or say, I'm finding I actually surprise myself sometimes. My final paragraph of my post did that. If you aren't interested in reading my whole rant (bad grammar and all), I'd like to at least share that last paragraph with you:

"You can’t take care of everyone, you’ll go mad. You can’t expect everyone to share your pain for your loss, that’s not fair. What you can do is emulate the behavior of empathy and unity for all. Lead by example, and try not dictating to others what is “proper” in the recognition and remembrance of anyone who has died. If we can’t respect each other enough to allow for difference in mourning (even if it is none), how can we respect each other enough to allow for differences in living?"

Dunno where it came from, but I like it.
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