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19th-Feb-2007 10:36 pm
What does the subject of this rant mean? Well, I’m sure you’ve probably heard of the legend of a certain word being in the origin of the phrase of “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge” or “Fornicate Under Command of the King.” So, now it appears that maybe we could have a new spelling if some folks have their way. Really? Doubtful.

Apparently some geniuses in Washington State (A.C., not D.C.) have decided to get in the face of folks who use the reasoning that same-sex marriages shouldn’t be allowed because the primary (or sole) purpose of marriage is procreation. They are fighting this fight through what will be Initiative 957, if they can get enough signatures to have the initiative placed on a ballot.

Now, I’m all for fighting for what you see as being right, especially if it has to do with equality in treatment or rights (or as best can be equivalent). However, I am VERY opposed to people being complete and utter dolts in doing so. Now, I don’t just say “dolts” in a snap judgment here. I say it in regards to how these individuals are fighting their fight.

I have had discussions with friends about “gay rights” in the past. I am for them on the level that I don’t believe that people should be discriminated against because they happen to be gay. However, I am not in favor of them in the regards of preferential treatment. Anyway, some of my discussions have gone into the area of people who are “fighting for their rights” doing so by disrespecting the belief systems of the others they believe stand in their way. That’s just going to perpetuate the dislike and anger, and if things aren’t already at a level of “hate” then they will be when people start feeling that their way of life, or beliefs, are in danger.

The people behind Washington’s I-957 are likely to actually win more people for the “anti-same-sex-marriage” side than they are for their side. You see, the people who use the idea that marriage is for the sake of procreation don’t really have a leg to stand on as historically there have been plenty of people who have not had children due to a number of possible reasons. However, their attempt to make procreation an issue is only aimed at one group, those who want same-sex marriages. They don’t have to do anything other than talk because our current society is largely in a similar mindset of disapproving of same-sex marriages (even if for different reasons).

So, now some people who want to have same-sex marriages strike out against those who make a verbal argument (basically the court of public opinion) by trying to make legislation that goes BEYOND those individuals and cascades into those heterosexual couples who might actually support same-sex marriages because they see the “purpose of procreation” rationale as insulting to them because they do not (or cannot) have children. As I said before, I say “dolts” having put thought into why I use that label, and I fear I used more thought and consideration in using that word than those who thought up I-957 used when thinking up a statewide initiative. Gee, I wonder which should have had more consideration.

There is a part of me that almost hopes that I-957 gets enough signatures to get on the ballot as it will result in some people finally dealing with an issue they wish to distance themselves from. However, there is a larger part of me that hopes it dies in the signature phase. That part of me fears that these dolts are only going to anger individuals who may have been supporters if the issue was dealt with in a more “healthy” or “productive” way. What that is…I don’t know. But I’ll tell you right now that if I was married and didn’t want children and this thing came up, I would likely withdraw my support for those who wanted same-sex marriages. My rationale? “I am looking for a way to be supportive for what you want to be recognized, even if it is just my voice, and you come out and disrespect MY lifestyle because someone OTHER than ME acted like an ass to you? You have no respect for me and others like me, therefore you don’t deserve my respect. I can ignore people who give stupid reasons for saying your marriage shouldn’t happen, but why should my marriage be jeopardized because of THEM?”

The people using the “procreation rationale” don’t take anything away from people who want same-sex marriages (in the “real” world…they do in the respect realm), but I-957 is SOME people who want same-sex marriages striving to take away something that DOES exist in the real world. Tell me, who is actually making the effort to TAKE AWAY something from someone? The procreation folks or the creators of I-957?

If you have a target, aim true. Focus, and look at the big picture. If you don’t you might just find yourself hitting innocent bystanders, and unless you’re the Vice-President…they’re probably not gonna be happy about it. If you are the VP, then they’ll apologize for the inconvenience they caused you.

Hey, I had to stick something sarcastic in there.
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