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"Political Theater" and "Emboldening" 
24th-Mar-2007 11:30 pm
I've been quiet for a while now. I have been keeping up with the news, but I've mainly been focused on trying to keep my real life in perspective. You know, actually trying to keep myself sane due to changes in my life. Well, I have to blow off some steam now before I pop. The steam I have to blow off has to do largely with the showdown that I'm sure is coming between the current administration (mainly the President and his cronies) and the newly elected Democrat majority in the Senate and the House (note, I'm not saying it's a good thing...just that they recently took control).

Unless you're living under a rock you know that there is a bill (actually there have been a few with similar looks, but I'm talking about the one making the news as I write this) moving along that has money for our troops contained in it. Also contained in that bill though is a deadline for when we are supposed to pull out of Iraq. This isn't sitting well with the current administration, at all! Personally I don't give a rat's ass what kind of problem the administration has with it, I really don't. I'm sick and tired of their political posturing and the ineptitude with which they have overseen this "war" and the aggressive dismantling of our civil liberties. It's pathetic, it's sad and it's wrong. I'm sick of the two faced idiocy by which these people speak and both think we don't see, and we (as a whole) are actually stupid enough NOT to see.

Let's talk about the most recent example. After the house passed the bill I've been talking about (with a less than impressive "majority" in favor) "The Decider" came out and called what they had done "political theater." Political theater huh? Hrm. Is that a fair statement? Maybe. Politicians are always playing games it seems. But, let's take a look at Bush's response to the passing of the bill. And when I say "take a look" I mean that. View a video of it at CNN. Now, look at everyone behind Bush. Look at who Bush says is there. He could have come out and made the same points by himself. INSTEAD he gets people who are vets and families of vets to stand behind him. Can someone explain to me how THAT is not "political theater"? Now, I'm not saying that those people don't deserve to be there. If they want to be there then that's great for them. However, the fact that Bush's cronies and such set up this stage for us to SEE is pathetic. If what he has to say carries weight it could have been done over the radio. We don't need him trying to create a sense of anger or guilt about the issue for us. If we have those feelings they should be coming up on their own as these events unfold. Well, that is unless you're such a mindless zombie that you need the president (or ANYONE) to tell you how you need to feel on this issue.

On to my next gripe, and that is the use of the word "emboldening" when it comes to dealing with our enemies (usually "terrorists"). I remember many weeks back laughing at an episode of the Daily Show because they were looking at all the different ways we (the USA) embolden the enemy. We do it by not being consistent, not making decisions, disagreeing, and of course setting deadlines. The one that really stuck with me was the one about not making decisions. You know why? Because I really do think that when you don't have the guts (or brains) to make an actual decision you can embolden an enemy. You can see it right here within our borders. In fact it would seem such a thing is happening because of a lack of decision making ABOUT our borders.

In an interesting article from the Christian Science Monitor the current rise in Ku Klux Klan membership was addressed. As it turns out the Anti-Defamation League believes that our government's current inability (or refusal) to deal with certain hot button issues like immigration (illegal) is allowing groups such as the KKK to feed off of the negativity some folks have regarding those topics. Yes, the current administration does appear to be right, indecisiveness does embolden the enemy, and it's doing it within our own borders. Groups that have been known historically to terrorize, hurt and kill people are seeing an increase in their population because our government won't get off its sorry ass and make a decision about how to deal with illegal immigrants. I'm not saying how they should do it, I'm just saying make a damn decision.

I simply cannot fathom how this President and those who serve him (especially those he chooses without voter's consent) can sit back and talk about how we're making things worse in Iraq by "emboldening" them through our behavior when HIS behavior and those who support HIM do the same things within our borders. He seems more concerned about Iraq than this the people of his own damned country. This man honestly sickens me. I use to pity him to some degree, but the actions he continues to take (or doesn't take at times) show he is not "the decider" and he is not a "uniter." This country is tearing itself apart on some levels and this man seems to be playing in his damn sandbox (actually, someone else's).

Now, I may be wrong about all this. I realize that, but I don't have a lot of faith in our government anymore. The newly elected Democrats have one shot at showing they have what it takes to do what they were put in place to do. If they can't then just give the whole damn thing over to the Republicans and make them the new ruling class. Just be sure to declare it so I will know why my country is how it is. Heaven forbid those of us who vote (and in turn are SUPPOSED to run this country) actually get off our own asses and fight for something other than SUVs and low gas prices. We're the #1 superpower in the world. Is the world really in that much trouble or are we just that deluded?

Well, at least I've got that rant off my chest now.
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