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The laptop has landed 
6th-Mar-2008 08:54 pm
Well, in an attempt to keep myself more motivated to actually write in my journal I went out and got a laptop. Actually that is one of a number of reasons for the purchase. Still, I did see having a computer available to me in the living room as being something that would allow me to post more easily.

Plus, as another motivation for posting I've actually been learning how to make my own icons for my posts. This has been both tedious and fun. I don't have a "great" program for making them but I seem to be able to create what I'm shooting for. The nice thing is that I have a large enough DVD library that I should be able to make more than enough icons for whatever I feel is necessary, or will be necessary.

Now, I just need to get myself a mouse and get used to typing on a laptop keyboard. It's not overly difficult but I do notice I tend to drop a lot more letters than I used to when I'm typing.

I guess we're going to see how this new phase of journaling goes. Hopefully it's at least fun. I'd also like it to be entertaining.
PCU - Moles - "Whoo-hoo!"
7th-Mar-2008 11:10 am (UTC)
Yaaaaaaaay! I hope that you stick with your resolution to write more! I personally would like to hear more about just your daily life, since to your friends who aren't nearby, that would help us feel like we're still keeping current with your life. ^__^ (which is why I really love lj)
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