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Luck of the Irish? 
16th-Mar-2008 02:16 am
Ya know, once in a while things just seem to work out for the better.

Today I went to Circuit City to find a copy of Stargate: The Ark of Truth. It just came out this week and I went to the store on Tuesday and Wednesday to try to pick up a copy but the people in the video section said they didn't get any. This Circuit City here sucks something serious so I wasn't too suprised. I figured I'd wait the rest of the week and go in Saturday and check again.

Lo and behold I get in there and ask the guy working (who is actually managerial looking) if they got in any copies and he say he thinks they're out. I said, "Oh, so you got some in finally?" He said, "We've had them all week, but up front." I know where he meant. The store has a glass display area where the registers are and they put new stuff in there sometimes instead of putting it in their sections. The problem being that they don't put up signs saying what they've put in the display as opposed to the appropriate "new" area.

Anyway, he's full of crap. I know it too. The thing is I bought a new mouse (it's sweet) on Wednesday so I was at that counter and there were no Stargate DVDs in it. But now they're "sold out". Bull pucky. Needless to say I said, "I can't believe you guys run this store so poorly" and walked out the door.

Since it's Saturday it's sushi day. I pretty much eat sushi every Saturday now. Not just becuase I like it but because it's the one actual "resturaunt" I will go to by myself. I've just got a hangup about eating out in a "real" resturaunt by myself. The purpose of me telling you this? The sushi place isn't far from the larger of two Fred Meyer's in town. So, after filling up on sushi I decided I'd run over to Fred Meyer and see if they had a copy of the Stargate movie. They did for 20 bucks, so it was 2 bucks more expensive than it would at been at Circuit City if they had in copies as it was on sale.

So, for some reason I decide to check the other DVDs as Fred Meyer alwasy has unadvertised specials going on. I find Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore on sale for 7 bucks a piece. I can usually find those movies for around that price, but never in widescreen, which these were.

I decide to press my luck and look through the CD section and look for a couple of CDs I've never been able to find (except online). To my amazement they have them. So, now I've finally got copies of Frou Frou: Details and Imogen Heap: Speak for Yourself. I've been wanting both CDs ever since hearing tracks from each on the Garden State and The Last Kiss soundtracks. So, what started out as a frustrated attempt to find a DVD ended ended up being a great number of finds in a place I would not have expected.

My next expected music purchase will probably be Anthony and the Johnson: I am a Bird Now. I heard the song "Hope there's someone" on an episode of Torchwood and it just stuck with me (the episode is "Random Shoes" from series 1 if you're wondering). There is somthing about that song. I simply cannot put into words how I feel when I listen to it. It's that good. You don't believe me? I'll close this out with the video below (the video is bizzare, enjoy the song).

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