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Hope, Bitterness, Barack 
13th-Apr-2008 01:54 am
So, I've been catching up a bit on this whole thing with Obama's comments about people in Pennsylvania being bitter and Clinton and McCain's comments on his comments. Overall I must say I've been fairly amused by all, especially the coverage by the news sources.

Obama's comments originally came to light via the Huffington Post. After that his opponents threw out their view of his comments about people being bitter and focusing on issues such as guns, immigration, etc. to deal with their frustrations.

I've read a few articles on this since I read about it on CNN's political ticker, but I've really gotten a kick out of the videos I've seen on CNN as far as the comments from Hillary. Her comments are focused on the working-class people she "knows" and how they aren't bitter, but they're hopeful, etc. My response to that? Good thing she's not talking about me because I would be insulted.

I have to say that I actually liked what Obama's response has been to the fallout from his comments. Of course, I think he was pretty accurate in his initial comments, but I don't think they should be restricted to those in Pennsylvania. I do think that we have a tendency to focus on the things we think we can affect, or that will affect us more directly such as immigration, gun ownership, etc. I also get a kick out of how some people are focusing on the religion part of Obama's comments.

Obama specifically commented that people "cling" to religion when they are bitter, but those who are responding to that piece of information are focused on why they are involved with religion to begin with. They're proving his point in my eyes. They aren't looking at or responding to what he said, they're twisting what he said (not necessarily consciously) and using it as they see fit. I find it both humorous and saddening.

I must say that if I have a choice between a candidate that's going to shower me with flowery words to get my vote or one that's going to say they at least recognize that some of us are pissed and bitter I think I'll go with the one who will acknowledge me being frustrated. Sure they may not do anything about it in the long run but at least they aren't starting off lying to me and treating me like I'm an idiot.

Gotta say Obama keeps looking better as the choice from the Democrats.
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