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Pretense Shower 
13th-Apr-2008 02:21 pm
Yesterday was beautiful weather. 80 degrees, sun shining. Sure, I had an upset stomach (too much sushi) but it was a wonderful day. I read the articles and watched the videos on the Obama stuff I mentioned yesterday. Still, a nice day (or night by that time).

Today, it is overcast. Still the weather isn't that bad but there seems to be the sense of a possible shower. I decide to start the day eating some breakfast and watcihng the episode Father's Day from the first series of the new Doctor Who. As I watch and eat I check the news on my laptop (yay, I'm multitasking...or doing 3 things poorly at once). I read up on the latest fallout from Obama's comments. Then I find myself so disappointed in US (yes, that's the U.S. not 'us'). The crap spiraling out of this is just awe inspiring.

Obama isn't excusing his comments. He's apologizing and even backpedaling a bit (nothing new for a politician), but still seems committed to what he said. People are attacking him for doing so. Still calling him an elitist and out of touch (I hate the overuse of that phrase in politics today), yet I know if he had attempted to reverse what he said he'd be called a flip-flopper. We suck. As a whole, we really do.

We push democracy as the best remedy out there and then this is what we show the world in regards to what comes of it. Venom, spite, twisted words and obvious misleading in our summation of what others say. Please note that I don't think anyone running in this upcoming presidential election is innocent of any of these things. I'm just saying that this specific situation is really in my mind when it comes to our negativity and bitchiness as a nation and how we do politics.

As I fume the Doctor utters a quote that I think works here. He is talking to his companion Rose, who he gave an opportunity to ease a heartache and she ended up nearly destroying the world. The quote is this:

"Ah, I did it again: I picked another stupid ape. I should have known. It's not about showing you the universe. It never is. It's about the universe doing something for you."

Are we all like that? Are we stupid apes looking for what WE as individuals get? Sometimes I fear we are. Are those who are complaining about this situation doing so because they are honestly concerned for others or because they just want to get theirs? If that's the case then I am in big trouble. I have never voted for "me" in elections. When I could I have voted for who/what I believed would bring about positive change for all (even if it meant I must sometimes pay). You know why? This country isn't about me, it's about "us" and I actually have the capacity to try and and work towards that and I do try (I'd be lying to say I have always done so).

This idiocy is just too astounding to fully put to words. Hey, but lets do something useful. Let's protest someone running with a torch. That will make things better, or at least provide a distraction from real issues.

Seems like no matter how we try we're just looking to screw things up for others.
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