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Whaaaa! Elections didn't go how I wanted! Whaaaa! 
16th-Oct-2005 02:12 am
I know what you're thinking already, I'm going to be talking about Democrats, right? Well, with the subject of this entry it's easy to think that's the case. However, this is actually more in line with a mix of Republican responses to our elections last November (please remember that I don't favor either party and think both could stand to be severely slapped as a whole).

During last year's elections we had some observers from foreign countries here. Originally Democrats made a request that the US have UN Monitors present, but lo and behold the House put an amendment (Representatives sure like those things) on a foreign aid bill that specifically barred federal officials from using money to ask the UN to observe our November elections. Funny huh? There were comments (yeah, from Republicans) about how our elections have worked so well in the past and that our process shouldn't be scrutinized, blah, blah, blah. So instead of observers from the UN we got observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). The difference? No clue other than Republicans didn't seem to have a problem with the OSCE.

You can read up a bit on it here, a bit about how some observers were treated here, and an interesting opinion someone had about the concept of the observations here.

Now then, I live in Washington (A.C., which means Above California...or is that Kah-lee-for-nee-ya?), which had a HIGHLY contested Governor's race between Christine Gregoire and Dino Rossi. If you watch the news you probably saw some blurb about it. To sum things up quickly Christine Gregoire won, Dino Rossi wasn't happy and some people had a laugh at elections in Washington (Florida can't be the only one laughed at ya know). All's muddled that ends muddled, right? So it would seem...until the other day.

When my alarm went off the other morning I woke up to Dino Rossi making comments about observing the election process in another country and additional comments about the security of our voting system here (I can't remember if he was talking about the nation or Washington). Apparently it was connected to a book he's going to have out soon.

I wanted to say something about this before, but in situations like this I prefer to have some "evidence" to back me up so that you folks can do your own investigation and form your own opinions (wow...what a shock, eh?). Luckily I just found a link. In a bonus it's from one of Dino Rossi's favorite places, King County!

So, let's tie this all up and together shall we?

Before the November 2004 elections some Democrats wanted some UN observers to watch our elections. Republicans went WAY out of their way to stop the UN from sending observers (because of how good our election process is) , and instead we had observers from OSCE. Now, in October of 2005 someone (Dino Rossi) from the Republican party is saying that our election process ISN'T all that great, and in fact has said that American Idol has better ballot security than King County (see the link above).

So, what is it Republicans? Is our election process fine or not? Should it be examined or not? You see, this is the problem with almost any organization. When people within the organization become focused on getting what they personally want it causes discrepancies in the group's overall "message." Then you just look like a big group of idiotic asses because you can't really agree on jack. Small differences I understand, but to make the claim that something is fine, then have someone else say "no it's not" just because they didn't get what they personally wanted...well, it's just plain sad.

A group looking weak because of a tempter tantrum. Didn't the Republicans say the Democrats were the ones who did that? Huh, go fig.
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