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Here we go again 
19th-Apr-2008 12:20 pm
Well, it looks like things are finally getting back to where they always seem to go in our presidential elections. That is, that everyone sucks.

After suffering through the start of the other night's Democrat Debates I decided to read up on the end results. The end results were best summed up in a little clip The Daily Show ran on Obama, and that is that he didn't speak well when hammered, and then I got to read through all the other articles of him complaining about the questions. Well, guess what junior, you're gonna get hammered a lot worse than that if you become President. The last thing I want is another person who dodges questions and has a problem with the English language when they have to speak straight from their brain (or you just sounds...well...you know).

Then I get to hear Hillary rambling on about how she learned how to use a gun when she was a kids and how people don't use religion as an out in their life, only as a means of empowerment (yeah, right). Yet, when a reporter gets the guts to ask a simple and direct question on those subjects she responds poorly. She started the ball rolling, how the hell can she act surprised when someone else wants to help her move it along?

Then today I read a story about McCain sending out an email that Hamas approves of Obama. Ya know, I got past him and his sudden change with Jerry Falwel in that I made the justification in my mind that McCain was trying to make amends with someone that perhaps he felt he had a knee jerk response to. I personally believe Falwell was out of in with his 9/11 comments and McCain should stay well away from him but I can respect someone trying to make amends's if they're doing so for the right reasons (no, votes are not one of those reasons). This Hamas thing though is akin to a Bush fear tactic to me. I specifically say Bush as the Democrats would likely use a non-war on terror subject in using the same tactic.

Well, it was nice to be excited while it lasted.
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