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Iron Man - Review 
3rd-May-2008 07:40 pm
Well, I can honestly say that I believe Iron Man is right there with Batman Begins as far as both a movie and comic adaptation go. Now, they are very different mind you, but each I believed captured both the main character and the origins of the heroes.

This movie's focus seems to be more on the development of character and hero than anything else, and the combination works well. Unlike The Hulk movie directed by Ang Lee this movie doesn't get hampered down by the development of the main character, probably because it seems very natural and the character of Tony Stark has never really been one of "brooding", but rather one of taking on challenges head on. You know, solving the puzzle rather than being marred by it.

The movie has three main parts, which are the "why" the "how" and the "test" of Tony Stark becoming Iron Man. While the cast has a lot of big names I think Robert Downey Jr. is the one who HAD to be in the movie. No disrespect to the other actors as they are all great, but the roles did not require their level of skill necessarily (Gwyneth Paltrow perhaps). I think it's fair to say that Robert Downey Jr. is to Iron Man what Hugh Jackman is to Wolverine. Of course, while Jackman owned the Wolverine role from the moment you saw him in the original X-Men movie I don't think it happens that way with Downey as Stark/IM. As Stark becomes Iron Man (the gold and red version) you start seeing Downey as Stark/IM. He captures the the beginning Stark persona well (perhaps some familiarity with the mindset?) but the question in my mind was if he would pull of the transition from businessman/playboy to hero and make it work. He does.

Of course, none of this would happen without some damn good writing and directing. The movie was truly fun and enjoyable. If I had to say there was a weak point it would be the end fight. However, the way the fight goes down makes sense (decent action but not "great"). You're basically seeing new technology being used in a mostly untested situation. Sure, Iron Man gets to try the suit out in a couple of crash course ways, but the the movie isn't taking place over a massive period of time and so it makes sense that the fight is gonna be hard and fast as opposed to extended and dramatic/tactical.

You really should check this movie out. If you like movies I think you'll like it. If you like comics I think you'll like it as the "revisions" to the mythos work. If you like movies and comics get ready to have a blast.

If you're a comic reader then I think how Tony handles the press at the end of the movie, and the scene after the credits, will give you a hint as to "which" Marvel Universe the Marvel movies (or at least Iron Man) is leaning towards.

I will be buying this movie on DVD and it will likely be one of my first HD purchases (I'll need a player first).
Clerks Ani - 3Way
20th-May-2008 08:06 pm (UTC)
Finally went and saw this on Sunday. Very cool...I enjoyed it very much. Downing was great in the part. The suit was awesome. The teaser after the credits was the icing on the cake.
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