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Thinking Alike - Money and "faith" 
3rd-May-2008 10:04 pm
So, I got back from the store, turned on the TV and Chris Rock: Never Scared was on. As I wander to the kitchen to put things away he finishes the rant he was on about how white people are allowed to make guns and shoot each other in public places with minimal backlash, but when a black person even uses the word "gun" in a song it results in a federal case. Frighntingly accurate for the most part, and one of the reasons I like Chris Rock.

Anyway, this is apparently part of a bigger rant about why people hate America. It then cascades into a bit that is very similar to something I have been saying for year. You see, this is why I need to journal more. So I can get my rants out (while trying to be funny) and look back historically to see when I sometimes beat comedians (or the Daily Show) to the punch on things (or at least become aware of their similar take on 'em). The next thing Chris Rock talks about is how we say we're a Christian nation but how week keep "god" out of everything except...off our money. He goes way beyond the stuff I say though.

What I have been saying for a quite a number of years is that the reason "In God We Trust" is on our money is because it's one of the few times those of us who supposedly believe in a god think about it. As we hand over that coveted piece of paper which carries so much value (unless it's up against the Euro) we get that last little reminder that, "Oh yeah...life is about something greater than myself. And DAMN if I won't look good driving into heaven in my Escalade!" Yeah, we're tools on that level.

Frankly I think putting "In God We Trust" on a dollar should be found as offensive to religious folks as...well...anything that they think is an offensive use of God's name (though isn't 'God' a title, not a name?). Of course that would never happen as it would reduce the perceived throttle hold some people believe certain groups have on our country. I think that applies to both believers and non-believers.

I guess I don't need to worry beyond goofy observations until they start trying to put such things on Credit Cards and Debit Cards.

Huh..."In God We Trust" is now the phrase on the main form of money used in non-traceable purchases. Maybe it is appropriate as those who use it like that gotta be having faith in something hoping they won't get busted.
Little China - Wang - Eyebrows
4th-May-2008 05:47 am (UTC)
That was a funny, thought provoking show. Money, they say is the root of all evil, but I don't think so. To me, it's about how you spend it. Paul and I donate a lot of money to charity. I'm not talking $1000's here, but each week with each paycheck we donate some money to some deserving charity. My favorite right now is called donorschoose.org which helps teachers fund special educational projects for their classes.

On the face of it too, my trip to Costa Rica is selfish, and on some levels it is, but the fact that we booked THROUGH a Costa Rican travel agency means that our money will be pumped into the emergent 3rd world nation. We donate to conservation projects, too while we are down there. We plow money into their economy. The US and German tourists have proven to the Ticos (what the people of Costa Rica call themselves) that ecotourism pays. Therefore they are planting MORE rainforest to combat global warning. They are the only country doing so. We like to foster that.

And really, I could use my inheritance in a selfish way, but you know what I'm going with part of it. Money is great, but only if you use it in thoughtful ways. What would God do with it, in any case:)

So whereas it looks like we worship money, I don't really think we, as a whole do.

Oh, and that typo was Jamie's mistake and Paul didn't catch it (I was working.) Today Paul's computer died and he couldn't ftp up the correction on my computer because he's forgotten the password. So, I guess we'll just have to live with that glaring error until we get back from our trip and Paul can make some phone calls and get his puter fixed.

4th-May-2008 09:03 am (UTC)
Naw, money isn't the root of all evil. I definitely agree with you on that. The only thing money really represents is an exchange of goods. Basically time for something else.

And I really don't think we worship money as much as we sometimes get fixated on it. Buying things because you need them is different from the "Keeping up with the Jones'" mentality.

I don't care if people wanna take a vacation, buy an X-Box, movie tickets whatever. But just wasting money to show others you can...ugh. 'Course that's not just Americans. You can find that in any country.
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