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Legal Fun 
4th-May-2008 02:55 pm
I just got done watching the past two week's Boston Legal's and I have to say that while I pretty much enjoy all the episodes of the show the last two have been extremely enjoyable.

The first one (The Court Supreme) was good because I really enjoyed watching Alan Shore go off on the Supreme Court. Please know that I don't think the Supreme Court itself is a bad thing, I just think that currently how it is treated by politicians and some of the people who serve on it (amazingly similarly to politicians) is pretty messed up. The best part of the show was watching how some of the judges are written. It probably would have been more funny if the episode had aired a few months ago as each judge would have been seen a lot more as a caricature of the bits and pieces we see regarding each of them. But, after watching some parts of the recent interview Antonin Scalia had with 60 Minutes...it's just makes you wonder exactly how distorted the writers actually made the judges.

Anyway, one of my gripes about the Supreme Court is that how its used as a factor in presidential elections. Every time a new presidential election comes up you hear, "This president could have the opportunity to choose X new Supreme Court Justices." Yay, thrill. I'm sorry, but if the Supreme Court is supposed to reflect the highest critical use and analysis of the LAW then shouldn't it be fill in a manner other than by the president? When Bush tried to put Harriet Miers in the Supreme Court he pretty much spotlighted how screwed up that particular power is. Shouldn't one of the first qualifications for being a judge in the Supreme Court be...well...having been a judge? Ah, what's the worst that can happen when you choose someone with no experience to wield power that affects a large number of Americans (*cough*Michael Brown*cough*). Sorry, but in my mind how judges are chosen for the Supreme Court is just another example of how there are significant fractures in our country's overall systems. Which brings me to the next episdoe.

The one right after (Indecent Proposals) poked fun at the current entertainment that is the Democratic National Comities process of choosing their candidate. The main focus of course was that delegates don't have to vote in a fashion that accurately represents who they represent. The verdict as given by the judge in the case was spot on IMO. It some something like, "Judgment for the defendant. Everyone loses." The everyone in this case being the American people as one of two ruling parties...uh, I mean...one of our two main political parties is technically a private organization and as such they can set the rules for how they pick their candidate. Please know, that I do agree with what the judge in this story says too. They are a private organization and they can do what they want, but we all pay the price at times.

Frankly I thought this episode was going to go down the road of the DNC doing nothing that was worse than how our nation's Elector College works. Electors are not required by the Constitution to vote in a fashion that is accurate of who they represent, and only 26 states plus DC have laws on the books requiring electors to do so. This has been a sore spot for me for years and I personally think the Electoral College needs to be done away with. It was written at a time when we didn't have today's technology and was pretty much a necessity to figure out who was going to be the next president in a timely fashion. Today, we don't need in and we sure as hell don't need to send people to any meeting to tell the folks there how our states are voting. Why waste the money when we can make a frakking phone call? Idiocy.

So, while I do believe Boston Legal does tend to lean a bit "left" at times I think it's a great show to get the mental juices flowing as far as our countries laws go. That is of course if you actually take the time to read things BEYOND the show. The rants and explanations of the character Alan Shore are great, but they are still representations of the writers. I will say that seeing how the character comes across does tend to give me some hope that there are lawyers out there doing true good for the sake of the law and nothing more.
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