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This week in disappointment... 
16th-May-2008 10:33 pm
Edited due to the fact that I typed 'Iran' instead of 'Palestine' in my comments. I knew I was thinking about Palestine, but that wasn't what I typed. Does that mistake qualify me to run for a government office?

Well, lets start off with the smallest one. This one I tangented into while attempting to read news and comments about the recent earthquake in China. I knew it was only a matter of time to find them, and it happened. People making comments about how China "deserved" what has happened to it due to their treatment of Tibet. Sorry, but anyone who writes that is no better than the thing they hate. Comments like that are sick and show (in my view) that some people who say they want freedom/rights/equality actually won't be happy until those they feel wronged by are punished. The fact that some of these people feel that the citizens of China must pay the price for the choices of their government...ugh...grow a brain. Seriously. Blow on your thumb and see if you can inflate the nub at the top of your spine. The citizens of a country do not necessarily support the choices the government makes, and if they do you cannot always assume they are given the full information. Every country (yes, even the US) has a spin machine, and it is used to drive or deflate hate, fear and everything else necessary for the government to do what it believes it needs to do at times.

However, that's not my actual point here (just a fun tangent). The things I found while reading all of this was an article about how some Tibetan are not happy with the Dalai Lama's "middle-way" approach with China, especially the fact that he said that China deserves to host the Olympics. Now, I can accept that some folks are upset about the Dalai Lama's approach. I mean, he's just a representative and it's not like he has some kind of holy influence over the Tibetans or they pray to him or anything...oh...wait. So, when you call "crap" on your spiritual leader but supposedly still follow him...what kind of sign do you think that sends to people about your motivations? Me? It seriously causes me to question them.

The second one, the recent comments of Bush and McCain regarding Barack Obama and his possible meetings/interaction with Hamas (if he becomes president). I'm sorry but I'm someone who doesn't believe that just because you meet with someone it means you're endorsing or approving of anything they do. Sometimes it's just about the job. The other thing that ticks me off about this, and it has since 2006, is the fact that we're (the US) pretty much giving a great big "screw you" to the Palestinian people as we are basically not recognizing their government. As far as I know Hamas won their power in an election that follows something called "democracy." I'm sorry, but if Hamas was the group the Palestinians looked at and thought, "I think they'll do a better job than the other alternatives" the other alternatives MUST HAVE SUUUUUUUCKED. Plus, if the election was legit (and maybe I missed an honest story that states otherwise) for us not to even SPEAK to another democratically elected government...we're not sending the best signal about our toted democratic system. We're basically saying that it's the best system as long as it serves US interest, and for us to say that...well...we'd never even act like that. Would we?

Oh, and I don't buy the "I didn't say Obama's name" crap from Bush or his administration (or Fox News) either. People who work for the administration stated that the comments were made towards Obama. That's enough to warrant a response in my book.

Finally, for me the big one. That would be the indictment of the woman who pulled a hoax on a young girl via MySpace that resulted in the young girl committing suicide. I remember when this story originally broke last year. I was so taken aback it wasn't even funny. I guess I can take some relief in the fact that the woman who perpetrated this horrible act was at least indicted. Still, I don't know if it's going to stick. If you haven't read about what happened you can get most of the information through the Wiki (I've checked and it has decent links so you can read beyond what's on that site). You can read about the recent indictment here.

That fact that a situation like this even happened is one of those small instances where I look at our society and really do ask myself, WTF? This is a parent (of a different child) in this scenario? If this is a parent I can only imagine what their daughter must be like. Then, for this to unfold and for the woman who did this, and her family, to be so concerned and shocked in how they were treated once the news became public...seriously?!?! Are you kidding me? What corner of another reality do you live in where you couldn't figure out that what you were doing could have such a large societal backlash? Personally I think they got off easy too. Kind of twisted that our legal system can't really do much (if anything) to this woman for what she obviously played a role in (but the choice made by Megan was hers...I have to recognize that), but...BUT...the legal system can and will defend her from ramifications that they can.

This is one of those times when I think that we really need to be better "people" (even beyond the US) because our legal systems just aren't made for this kind of stuff. The wrongs we commit against each other in cases like this...they just aren't meant to be fixed in a court of law because when you really look at how we treat each other it's not based on "law", it's based on our ability or inability to be human and live with other humans. A court of law really can't dictate what is proper in that sense. Business and exchange of money, etc., sure. This stuff...ugh.
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