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Prince Caspian - Review & Experience 
18th-May-2008 12:10 am
I went and saw Prince Caspian with a friend earlier today. I thought it was really good myself. I think it's fair to say that if you enjoyed the last one then you'll likely enjoy this one. However, this one is much darker (literally at times) than the last one, so if you're thinking of taking younger kids with you then you might want to keep that in mind.

There is no outright bloodshed (that I can remember) but there is obvious killing happening. Plus, as something different than the last time the fights include humans, which is something that wasn't as much of a factor in the last movie. One of the interesting things regarding the fights is actually comes to mind as being the character that is responsible for the highest body count in the movie (in my memory).

So, if you liked the first then go check out Prince Caspian. Have some considerations for the young ones though. Speaking of which...

When you go to a movie like this you have to expect that you're going to have kids in the theater. While Caspian is darker than that previous movie it is still considered to be a "family" movie. This means you're likely to have kids of various ages around. Now, while those who know me know I don't take disruptions in movies well I do understand that in cases like this I'm likely to hear a few outburst at times. I can deal with that. When I start to get ticked is when the response of adults doesn't make sense. I could go on a huge rant about that, but I'm going to keep this restricted to one specific instance of annoyance that happened in the theater today.

As the movie went along I noticed I was hearing talking from appeared to be a grandfather about 4 seats to my right. My friend was to my immediate right and there were two empty seats between him and the grandfather. So, when I could hear the grandfather I could only assume it was even louder to my friend. Sometimes I'd also hear what I'm guessing was the guy's grandson talking (he was to the grandfather's immediate right). About a third of the movie in there was basically some talking between the grandfather and the grandson at a level I would say was equal to when you talk to someone in a living room. The people in front of him said nothing and neither did my friend, so I bit my tongue but did ask my friend if he wanted to move to the other side of me. My friend said he was fine, but did make the comment that he didn't know he was going to be getting free commentary with the movie. That relaxed me a bit as I could laugh it off better. Then about half way through the movie...it happened.

Somewhere down and to the left of us (probably one of the front most rows of the upper section) a baby started crying. Now, keep in mind that while I don't really get why people bring babies to movies, a lot of how I take the situation depends on how the parent responds. The parent responded immediately and the baby was quiet after only two or three seconds of crying. Fine for me. BUT apparently it wasn't good enough for grandpa commentary, who then (more loudly than he had spoken at any time before) said, "Who brings a baby to a movie?"

Have I ever mentioned I don't do hypocrisy well? Now, while the guy may have thought it wasn't "good" for the baby to be brought to a movie my brain read his comment as happening due to the noise (he made no such comment when a few babies came in while the lights were up). So, immediately after his "Who brings a baby to a movie?" comment I leaned forward past my friend, looked at the guy and with a volume level equal to what he just used I shot back, "The same kind of people who talk loudly at a movie maybe?" His response? "Well, excuse me." My final reply? "Jackass." Amazingly after that point grandpa's volume level dropped to where I couldn't hear him anymore and the few times after that when I could hear the grandson talk it was not more than a couple words of the start of a sentence. I'm guessing grandpa was keeping a finger on the boy's volume level.

Oh, and an odd experience during the movie was after the first large battle. The theater was dead silent. It's cool when the events in a movie elicit such a response in the entire audience.

A final note about the movie. Eddie Izzard rocks.
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