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Foreign flicks...near you? 
18th-May-2008 10:49 pm
Something I forgot to mention earlier when I was talking about Prince Caspian.

As it was opening weekend my friend and I showed up for the movie pretty early. Of course that meant we got to sit through all the extra stuff before the previews. One thing that was shown three times was that Fathom Events was bringing a movie to participating theaters. Now, I have never seen a Fathom ad that had to do with an actual movie before. It's always been them beaming in operas, This American Life, or other such "real world" or "documentary" events. So, I was surprised as hell that not only were they doing a movie, but one that I actually wanted to see, namely Bleach: Memories of Nobody.

I was just about to mark the dates on my calendar a bit ago so I wouldn't forget. To make sure I had the right dates I went to their website. What's the first thing I notice? This week (the 20th and 21st) Fathom is showing Death Note (the live action movie!). Sweeeeeet!

Needless to say I am going to go and see if there are tickets left after I get out of my cardio class tomorrow (it's located in the same mall as the theater).

This could be a -possible- opportunity to meet some people with a shared interest. However, I have more of a problem connecting with serious anime fans than I do serious comic geeks. We shall see though.

I'll cross my fingers.
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