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"Us" versus "Them" 
27th-Oct-2005 12:12 am
I gotta say that if there is one thing that really ticks me off it's freaking politics.

I'm not talking about the general concept of them, I'm talking about when people use them as some kind of defense against the reality of actually getting things done. You know, like why you were usually ELECTED! You get elected, you're supposed to get stuff done, not sit on your fat ass sucking up tax payer's money to sit there arguing so that you can make sure you're getting ADDITIONAL money from special interest groups.

Ok, a bit more rant that topic there, huh? So what's got me so ticked? Well, last week there was a nice little story regarding Tom DeLay. Apparently the judge who was supposed to preside over this little case DeLay is involved in made a contribution in the past to MoveOn.org and DeLay wants the judge off the case.

Now, let's disconnect the whole idea that DeLay doesn't like MoveOn.org (I personally don't give a flying fig about the site either way) for political reasons (and vise versa). With that in mind it comes down to DeLay and Dick DeGuerin's (DeLay's lawyer) claim that MoveOn.org was selling shirts with DeLay's mug shot on them. Yes, I could see DeLay being upset at having an individual with "power" over him having given money to a group that seems to have an obvious dislike for him. Unfortunately for DeLay and DeGuerin that doesn't seem to be the case. It doesn't appear that MoveOn.org ever sold such items, but other sites that receive money from them may have.

So, what did the judge DeLay doesn't want do? He decided to have another judge decide if he can still preside over DeLay's case. The kicker? The judge DeLay wanted off the case is a "democrat" and the judge who was supposed to make the decision if DeLay's judge can stay on the case is a "republican." Thinking this is stupid yet? It gets better.

Just so you know, judges in Texas are elected. Overall not a "bad" thing, but it is when it results in this kind of stuff. Basically if you've got enough power you can get your lawyer to do an investigation into the judge that is supposed to preside over your trial, and if it looks like there could be some major political differences you could simply argue that the judge is biased against you because of your political affiliation. Better yet, you can do one better than that as DeLay did and ask for your trial to be moved to an area whose political views are more in line with yours because you think you can't get a fair shake where you are (due to the obviously biased area).

The current state of this idiotic waste of time and money? A THIRD judge has been pulled in, and now he will be the one to decide if the original judge that was supposed to to preside over DeLay's case may do so.

My main statements after following this story to this point?
1. The phrase "Texas is like a whole other country" is very true because we don't understand the court systems of other countries either.
2. If you are someone who votes based on the letter behind a candidate's name (you know, a R or D) you need to slap yourself because YOU are the kind of person who is allowing stupid stuff like THIS to be possible.

Oh, and no letter behind a name signifies the character and decency of an individual. You can bet on that.
28th-Oct-2005 09:43 pm (UTC) - rad pic
Is that pic of you? Perfect picture for this journal of yours either way...it fits so nicely. Apparently you've been ranting since a very young age.

In regard to the whole judge swapping B.S. though, I agree. The whole thing is retarded. It just shows how people with money and power/influence can attempt to get away with crap like this. If you or I or any other Joe on the street wanted another judge we'd get laughed at.
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