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DeLAYme Game 
3rd-Nov-2005 10:05 pm
Wow, this whole thing with Tom DeLay has just become 10 kinds of stupid. I'm not sure if there are actually 10 kinds, but I think the people in Texas are doing their best to have representatives that can create them.

The judge that was supposed to preside over DeLay's case (Bob Perkins) was ORDERED to be recused from the case by another judge (because he has supported the Democratic Party). Then, in a nice little turn around Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle asked that Judge B.B. Schraub (who was supposed to pick the new judge for DeLay's trial) recuse himself because he has given money to Republicans.

Schraub did recuse himself and asked Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson to take over on selection of the judge for Delay's case. Jefferson has chosen Distric Judge Pat Priest for the job.

Things to keep in mind at this point:
1. Jefferson's involvement is under scrutiny because supposedly he is associated with people involved with DeLay's case.
2. Priest is a "Democratic" judge.

The score so far:
Judges involved - 5
Results - 0
People looking stupid - (imagine a spinning counter)

Please remember that at this point the trial hasn't even started!

You can read about this waste of time and tax payer's money here.

I guess the one thing DeLay might be able to do out of all of this that is good is show how freaking screwed up our justice system is on some level (and in some states in particular).
14th-Nov-2005 09:43 pm (UTC) - money
Another example of money and politics mixing and the trouble it can cause. I can't imagine that judges should be allowed to contribute to any party or cause. This immediately makes them appear to be biased in the public eye. They are supposed to be impartial. We know that they lean one way or another. They are human, after all, but to even allow for their alliances or political leanings to be made public and then questioned like this is just asking for trouble. Like the news article says, "it could be a challenge to find a judge who meets both sides' definition of impartial."
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