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Political dream 
5th-Jun-2008 09:17 pm
Last week I had a dream, and yes I'm being literal here. For some reason I dreamed that Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton had been having secret meetings about joining together with Hillary taking on the role of VP. I've found that if I sit down many times I am able to dissect my dreams into the stuff that leaks over from random daily things (news, shows, etc.) and what parts of my dreams show me things my brain has/does work on below my level of awareness. When I thought about what that part of the dream meant I was able to see how my brain "created" that dream.

You see, I think that by going after Obama so heavily lately McCain has left himself open to getting blindsided in two possible situations. First, if Hillary got the Dem's nomination then he would have wasted a lot of energy going after Obama. 'Course I didn't believe Hillary was going to get nomination. If she had I would have been stunned. Second, if Hillary took the VP spot then Obama would not only have regular access to her experience he'd also have access to her husband's. Sure, he could have tried to do so anyway but if Hillary was in the VP spot it would be much more of a guarantee that their experience was both available and offered.

Now, please keep in mind that the current rumors that are going on regarding Hillary possibly taking the VP place on the Dem's card is not something I'm "for" or "against" as I am not a Democrat. But, I do think that such a ticket could prove to be very problematic for McCain. I think the Republicans in general have been hoping for a division to come out of the Democrat's primary race, and now I'm wondering if on some level the Democrats didn't put on more of a show than what was really going on. A Democratic primary race that ends up going the full run? That's going to get a lot of people involved and revved up that feel as though they tend to get passed over in times like this. Get people passionate and aligned behind each candidate and then put them together? Quite the combination as far as getting their whole party pulled together. Of course, that only works if the people "behind" Hillary are willing to accept having her as VP if she is offered/accepts that spot.

So, if an Obama n Clinton ticket does come from the Democrats then things should prove very interesting.
PCU - Rand - Attention
12th-Jun-2008 05:22 pm (UTC)
I see a Obama-Clinton ticket very problematic for Obama if they actually win though. Can you imagine Bill in the White House again? An ex-President, his giant ego and baggage constantly casting a shadow over Obama. I agree that his experience could be valuable, but at what cost?
13th-Jun-2008 01:30 am (UTC)
Considering all the "experience" Dubya had actually in his administration I don't think it would make that much of a difference. No matter what you're doing when you're setting up your administration, chances are you're going to be bringing in people who've had/been in power before. As people don't really have time to practice being president finding those with experience to support you, or be sounding boards, is a necessity.

Whether you're trying to actually be a good leader, or get away with things without the public noticing, you're going to go to those with the experience. If you go it alone you're going to get eaten alive or make a major screw up (which can still happen...as we've seen).

I guess I'd also say that while having Bubba hanging out in the White House as a spouse might be a distraction he might actually be LESS of a distraction inside than if he was on the outside and he starts going off about the primary or critiquing Obama.

It may be a moot point though if people are going to jump ship because Hillary didn't get the nomination. If they do, even after she asks they support Obama...wow. The parties are so messed up. 'Course I'll cross my fingers that those cases are indicators of people actually voting for people rather than parties and people not just throwing childish temper tantrums via their votes.
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