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Firefox 3 - 1st tweak 
19th-Jun-2008 08:20 pm
I downloaded Firefox 3 yesterday. So far I haven't seen anything "amazing", but I'm OK with that as I haven't been hit with any new nasty experiences. However, I have been hit with an annoying experience.

Firefox 3's location bar autocompletes as it did in the past. However, I find the new way it displays the info it's guessing about to be pretty annoying. Rather than having the title of the page it's suggesting off to the right in a light gray as it did before it now has the page title above the URL in a larger text size. Luckily a quick search brought me to a post about the change (and the fact that a number of people were also being bothered by it).

If you've already downloaded Firefox 3 and know what I'm talking about and you don't want to read the article then go here to download the 'oldbar' add-on and have your location bar's autocomplete feature display as it did in the previous version.
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