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TV - The Next Generation 
14th-Sep-2008 10:34 pm
As all you follow geeks know Transformers just recently cam out on Blu-Ray. The day it came out I went down and picked it up (along with the first season of The Big Bang Theory on regular DVD). There was just one problem with my purchase though, I don't have a Blu-Ray player. So, I spent the next couple of days looking at Blu-Ray players. I finally decided on one that would really allow me to use all the features it offers. Of course to do that I had to buy a model and came equipped with the proper stuff to access the internet for all the weird little updates that could happen with a lot of the current and especially upcoming Blu-Ray movies and such. As luck would have it the Blu-Ray player I bought also happened to include a PS3. OK, I bought a PS3 but I bought it as a Blu-Ray player. As it has a built in wireless connection it was exactly what I needed as that meant I could access features on movies and get the necessary firmware updates for the player as they come out. Why pay 400 for a player that doesn't do all of that stuff when you can shell out the 400 and get more and a hard drive to store downloaded stuff? Oh, and finding one right now with the price drop/model change is a pain in the arse. Just remember, if you're shelling out the 400 it should have an 80 gig drive.

Oh, and then there is the fact that I can now play Metal Gear Solid 4 when I want to. Tactical fighting. Wooh!

Of course just having one Blu-Ray movie doesn't make sense so I bought The Forbidden Kingdom when it came out last week. Does it "scream" for full hi-def? No. But, it's Jackie Chan and Jet Li in the same movie so for me that justifies the cost easily. Circuit City was also having a sale on some Blu-Ray movies and I picked up Shoot 'Em Up as it's just a damn fun movie and the sale on the Blu-Ray cost was less than the regular price for the regular DVD.

Something I also noticed was that the regular price for the normal 2-disk version of The Forbidden Kingdom is the same as the regular price for the Blu-Ray version. Looks to me like we're slowly going to have to deal with stripped down versions of movies and 2-disk versions when it comes to regular DVDs, and I'm guessing that after a time the 2-disk versions will vanish and if you want all the extra stuff you'll have to go Blu.

Still, I'm enjoying the player and I'm REALLY enjoying the upscaling on my regular DVDs. It's almost like I have a whole new collection as it significantly reduces the pixellation when they're shown on my HD TV. It's time I whips out some old staple movies anyway to get myself in the proper mindset for moving life forward (some of those movies are K-PAX, So I Married an Axe Murderer and Garden State).

I've already pre-ordered the Blu-Ray version of Torchwood: Series 1 and I knew know I'll be getting Iron Man when it comes out. I actually thought that Iron Man would be my first Blu-Ray purchase because I figured they'd wait on Transformers until just before the next movie comes out. 'Course they'll probably double dip and release some super-bad-ass-transforming-blow-your-mind version before the second movie comes out. Yes, I'll buy it. I loves me some Transformers.
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