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This land is my land...this land's not your land. 
5th-Nov-2005 12:15 am
Yee haw! That's all I can say.

Thursday our House (of Representatives) actually did something that appears to be good.

In June our great Supreme Court decided that it was OK for local governments to seize property from private citizens if they thought it would help generate tax revenue. That didn't go over well with...well pretty much everyone it seemed.

While I myself am not a property owner I have to say that I'm not comfortable with the idea that if I did own land it could be taken away just because someone in the local government thinks a shopping mall (or worse...a Wal-Mart) would help the local economy if it was built on the land I own.

So, on Thursday the house voted on Bill H.R. 4128 (plug the bill number into the search engine and select the third version of the bill to see its final form - H.R.4128.EH) and approved it in a 376-to-38 vote. See who voted how here.

The bill is simply a way to put a stop to the Supreme Court's ruling. You can read a couple of articles about it here and here.

I still need to read through the entire bill to see what was attached to it at the last minute (if anything), but for right now I'm very content with what appears to have happened.
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