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A quick Election Night reflection 
5th-Nov-2008 09:31 pm
OK, I watched the news yesterday after I got back from the gym. Well, I actually watched the Indecision 2008 broadcast up until they wrapped up. After that I surfed the networks to see whose coverage I would watch for the rest of the time I watched coverage (through the speeches).

I settled on FOX as it was an HD broadcast and Shepard Smith was just doing a dang good job of running things with the group he was working with. After the announcement of the race being called for Obama Smith really tried to keep things on the idea of where we go from here as a nation. Kudos for that. Most of the other people he was working with were also able to do that, and talk intellectually about it. Everyone but Rich Lowery that is. I was honesty waiting for him to throw a temper tantrum. Plus, when Smith would kind of get on him for being obviously partisan (not directly...more like talking to him with a disappointed parent tone) I thought Lowery was going to cry. Of course, Lowery sits in for Sean Hannity on 'Hannity and Colmes' so it's not like I thought he really had an "off" button to his biases.

Later in the night Smith had a quick interview with Ralph Nader and talked to him about his use of the phrase "Uncle Tom" when talking about some of the choices Obama will have to make as President. Now, I think Nader's concerns are valid of any candidate in any position. Still, I don't think his use of the phrase "Uncle Tom" was at all smart. I would have accepted a comment that he probably didn't use the best analogy/term/whatever. BUT when Smith asked him if he wished he had used a different phrase and Nader responded, "Not at all."...wow...sad. You can check out the interview here.

The winning quote from Smith though had to be the following (it is verbatim as I replayed my DVR many times so I could get it right): "If you're a conservative and you're angry, get over yourself, please. There's work to do in America." I would hope he would have said the same to liberals if McCain had won, and I think he would have.

After hearing the people in attendance when McCain gave his concession speech though...I'm thinking some people don't want to hear what Smith had to say. More worrisome, maybe they can't because they're too closed minded.

I can't take this partisan crap much more. I just want people to do their best to work together for this country. COUNTRY. Not party, not ideology...COUNTRY! After that we can start working on the world (working together...not taking it over).

As I have said to adults and youth I have worked with, "It's OK to look out for number one, as long as you're not intentionally treating others like number two...if you get my meaning."
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