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Veteran's Day 
11th-Nov-2008 06:49 pm
I actually have another post I'll be putting up in a bit (two actually...but only one will be public). Still, I wanted to make sure that I just took a moment to do this.

I'm coming up on two years now of working for the VA. I must say that it's affected me a lot. The work and environment as much as the vets to be sure. There are good days and there are bad days in connection to both. Still, I find that much like working with the kids on the ropes course back home the majority of the days I fell as though I've done something worthwhile.

I don't agree a lot with the use of military force. I believe that many times it is used as a first resort when it should be the last. Still, I understand that a military is necessary for many nations on the face of this planet. I simply wish it wasn't the case. The loss of life in death is bad enough, but the loss of a life because someone can remember how to return to it...or worse yet, the life they try to returns to leaves them...indescribable to me, and I haven't even experienced it.

There are those who would say that the people who chose to be in the military made their choice. Well, first of all that isn't the case for all. Many who are alive today are still from a generation that was drafted into serving their country. Regardless of their support of the 'why' those who served, served. I would hope that in a case of extreme need I would have the ability to do such a thing, and god would forgive me for the damage and pain I might bring to this world. If it's the greater good (as it's perceived), then I would hope I have what it takes.

I chose not to serve in the military because I had no desire to do so, nor do I now. But I do now serve those who did make that choice. Regardless of reasons then, or their outlook on their service now, I serve them. That is how I see it. Sure, I get a paycheck so that I am able to bring my skill set here but that isn't the point. For me the point is to try and help those who need and want it.

I sincerely hope I'm doing right by them.
Clerks Ani - USA!
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