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Spin the bottle 
8th-Nov-2005 09:45 pm
I was watching the O'Reilly Factor tonight (people who know me know I watch/listen to Bill O'Reilly at times and also keep up with Michael Moore's website now and then...and not I don't see them as exact opposites) and was honestly interested in what he had to say about "far left" (not sure who he puts into that category) groups/people trying to create a divide between parents and children in order to push forth their agenda. I think he actually said something to the effect of "progressive social agenda," but I wouldn't necessarily call a far left or right agenda "progressive."

Anyway, for the most part I was interested in what he was talking about. It was dealing with a California vote on abortion issues, but I was focused on his commentary on social impacts of parents not being involved in the lives of their children and what kind of affects that can have in the child's life. I'm all for parents trying to be involved in the lives of their children and also being a "good" parent in trying to set up healthy boundaries and displaying positive behaviors for them to emulate.

Then came the first story for the evening...

Governor Bob Riley of Alabama is calling for a nation wide boycott of Aruba. Why? Because he thinks Aruba is not doing things "correctly" when it comes to the investigation of Natalee Holloway's disappearance. Alabama's House actually passed a resolution on the boycott (at least for Alabama residents) back in July. Yet, we're just seeing the big hit of it now.

So, now I'm gonna share my opinions on this Holloway thing (and in turn some social responsibility commentary). If you've had your fill of this stuff you probably don't wanna read much further. However, I will say that my views don't just go with the questions that have been asked on TV and in the news. My views are more focused on what HASN'T been asked in this situation. If you've got the desire and the patience, read on.

First I will say that Natalee Holloway's disappearance is unfortunate and I hope her family finds some positive resolution out of all of this regarding what has happened to their daughter (I am not commenting on the politics, personal attacks, etc. when I am saying this). With that said here is the first set of questions.

What words of wisdom and protection did Natalee Holloway's parents give to her before she left? Did they include anything relating to the following?
- Make sure you're always with friends.
- We don't want you drinking.
- If you decide to make the choice to drink (which we oppose), please make sure someone in your group stays sober to keep an eye on the rest of you.

If none of these things were addressed...why not? Her parents sure as heck seem adamant that they are going to hold Aruba and anyone involved in this case (from Aruba) responsible for the disappearance of their daughter, but have they held themselves accountable? Have their wondered if her choices, or theirs, increased or created the chance that such a thing could happen to their daughter? Were they unaware of why the kids were taking the trip to Aruba (hey, I'm trying to be nice by asking...right?)? These questions don't seem to be out there. Or are they?

It sounds like someone if finally asking the tough questions of people connected to Natalee here in the US, and it's not being take well.

Maybe Natalee's parents did have that "tough talk" with her before they left. If that's the case then something REALLY messed up happened, and perhaps the Aruban government has been screwing everything up. Of course part of the problem in understanding that is that Aruba doesn't follow US law and when things like this happen there is much more complexity to it than people are regularly reporting.

I've heard a lot about how poorly Aruba has been investigating the case, but as I said before they have different laws and that could have actually be a GOOD thing. Because they follow Dutch law Aruba was able to keep suspects in Natalee's disappearance in custody for quite a while. Did you know that by Dutch law authorities can detain a person for 116 days WITHOUT charges? Try doing that in the US with our laws regarding Due Process. It's not gonna happen. I guess which way is better depends on if you're outside the bars or behind them, huh? 'Course we aren't reminded of that little law difference. We're just given analysis by many folks who are familiar with US law, which just doesn't apply here.

So, perhaps people have been making some really bad choices in Aruba. Maybe they really just aren't trying hard enough. Perhaps the legal system can't do anyting because they're the ones who are expected to do everything. Maybe Natalee is just being viewed as "another statistic"? BULL!

When was the last time you knew of someone who vanished and the government sent out THREE F-16s to find a trace of them?

When was the last time you knew of someone who vanished and the Texas EquuSearch team came to help? Or if any private search team that was looking had national and international support to keep the search going? Or that a local business takes the time to include information on their own website?

Considering all the stuff that has happened in an attempt to find Natalee Holloway I must ask these questions of myself and of you:

Is it "fair" that all these resources have been put towards one person when 2,000 children are reported missing in the US each day?

Is this a "race" thing? I hope not.

I've just gotta say that when I look at all the resources that have been put towards finding Natalee Holloway, and think about how many kids actually go missing (just in the US), and how much time/resources/money are spent to find them. I have to ask "Why is she so special?" I know she is someone's daughter and I would EXPECT that person to be able to answer that question, but as someone on the outside I think of her and think of others and wonder why don't they all get the same effort to be found? I fear the answer to that question. I really do. I'd hope this is some messed up game of spin the bottle and Natalee was the one "lucky" enough to get chosen for the attention, but I wouldn't believe that for a second.

In closing here are a couple if interesting links to check out. One supposedly deals with the initial investigation (VERY interesting if accurate) and the other is MUCH more abrasive. It's called "F*** Natallie Holloway" and it asks a LOT of tough questions (you can decide if they're good or not).

Responsibility. Favoritism. Consistency. Which help? Which hinder? Which do you use most often?
14th-Nov-2005 10:21 pm (UTC) - Agree
I agree. What a disservice to all of those families out there that have missing children and aren't getting this kind of crazy attention. A tragedy. Absolutely. But come on...the Dutch air force being called in to support the search...retarded.
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