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10th-Oct-2005 08:44 pm
Well folks here we go!

I wasn't sure what to start off with, but luckily I received an email from a friend that gave me a nice little bit to rant about. The email I received has to do with some stuff that Senator John Glenn did say at one time...conveniently combined with some stuff someone else decided to add. You can read about the modified email here: http://www.snopes.com/politics/quotes/glenn.asp

Rather than going into a brand new rant I'm just gonna give you the response that I sent back to my friend and the other individuals they also forwarded the information on to. Here is the response:

Well folks, we have a bit of a "mix" here.

The bottom half of this email is accurate beginning with "This exchange between Senators Glenn and Metzenbaum..."

Everything above it...NOT connected to Senator John Glenn!

What has happened (it appears) is that someone (likely a "partisan hack" for lack of a better phrase) took some excellent impromptu words by Senator Glenn supporting those individuals who make the choice to go into our country's military service and ADDED their own facts/statistics (I haven't checked the accuracy) above them in order to make it look as though Senator Glenn was somehow connected to them.

However, if you look at the flow of the email there isn't a point where the person who added the top states "John Glenn said this." In fact the first sentence looks like a simple general header. Basically we're talking in the vein of someone doing something like...oh...say...using the words "9/11" and "Saddam Hussein" in the same paragraph/statement while not actually stating a specific link between the two. You know, leaving it to the unconscious mind of your average person to create a link between the two. Another example could be how the media says "accident" instead of "crash" or "collision," which for some results in an unconscious response of "Well, I guess there's nothing that could have been done to stop what happened," as opposed to their brain asking the questions, "Were they drinking? Were they on a cell phone?"...etc, etc.

Anyway, before I bore you (too late?) I'll just say that if you want to read up more on this modified email go to: http://www.snopes.com/politics/quotes/glenn.asp

Snopes.com is a great place to look into stuff when a part of your brain (I'm thinking it's the part that's used in critical thinking) says, "Something doesn't seem right here." Plug in some key words from the email (or post if you read it on a board) and you might just get some info.

Oh, and if you've gotten an email about Starbucks turning their backs on G.I.s serving in Iraq...that's bogus too. =)

For now this is all I've got. I still need to get a handle on this journaling thing, the posting client and set my page color correctly. Hopefully this will tide you over though, and give you a bit of an idea of what I'll be writing (scared yet?).
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