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Sad reality 
24th-Jan-2006 11:06 pm
I read a news article today about how there seem to be problems with the Senate's inquiry into what went wrong in the government's response to Hurricane Katrina and I have to say that I'm really not surprised. But right now I really have to say I'm wondering if I even give a crap.

I look at things like the fact that the judge from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (the "secret" court that issues warrants for wire taps) quit because he believes Bush's recent actions in approving the NSA's eavesdropping pretty much undermined the purpose of the court and that Bush's statements about briefing congress (or at least members of it) don't necessarily hold much water when you start looking for "evidence" of those briefings beyond his own assertions (an article about this stuff is here).

I think about how much our "Post 9/11" government is supposed to be about sharing information (ya know that Patriot Act thing) so that our protective agencies can stop such a tragedy from happening again. Yet, I see what I believe is a government that is shutting out pieces of itself simply because it doesn't want to face the fact that it is infected with nepotism and the average American citizen is paying the price for dolts like former FEMA chief Michael Brown (about page 16 the reading gets good) reaping the benefits of that nepotism.

I think that the American people have to have some inkling of the fact that our government on large has a problem.

I think that given the opportunity to ask President Bush a REAL question in a TRUE Q&A venue (not those idiotic ones where a young child asks "Mr. President, as a child how can I help you get votes?"...I saw it on TV too) a non-partisan individual would seize that moment to ask a truly poignant question.

Then I see that when someone is given the opportunity for one of those real questions, they ask the President if he's seen Brokeback Mountain. Not only is that a waste of an opportunity for a decent question that kind of question is a waste of the President's time (let someone doing a fluff interview cover that angle).

I've said numerous times that for as upset as I get with politicians that I am more upset with those of us who let the things happen that we know happen (you know, like the Jack Abramoff thing) without holding people accountable.

I guess making sure people are watching movies about gay cowboys is more important though. Silly me.
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