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A day late... 
2nd-Feb-2006 11:40 am
Ya know, one of the reasons I started this was because I noticed on a couple occasions I made a joking political observation and then a day later the Daily Show made a similar joke (which was cool).

So, I decided to wait a day to make my comments about the President's State of the Union Address and they beat me to it again. Not in the joke category, but in just the general observation category. I'm really hoping most others had similar observations. The President's speech wasn't impressive and the Democrats response was the usual.

The Democrats use of 'There is a better way.' without actually mentioning a solution is my biggest problem with that party, lots of complaining and blaming without giving any alternatives. The President's speech demonstrated the the Republicans problem about not giving a damn about anything until it was too late or they were finally forced to take responsibility. The Daily Show covered this, so just watch a rebroadcast of that (February 1, 2006 episode).

There is one thing I can say about the speech that the Daily show didn't say though, and that's because of one of my interests. And that is the following:

The President didn't really say anything inspiring to me (a day late and a dollar...many...short short on alternative fuels) and only convinced me he must be watching episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist and thinking they are based on true events because of his concern of experiments creating animal-human hybrids.
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