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Dial it back 
8th-Feb-2006 12:50 am
I've been following this whole Mohammed cartoon thing for the past few days.

Supposedly there is some sort of rule/verse in the Qur'an that there aren't supposed to be visual depictions of Mohammed, and that is what has been used as the catilyst for what's been going on. I say "supposedly" because I have seen interviews with people on various news shows that say the verse is being misinterpreted because it dealt more with idolatry than actual "depictions." I guess I won't know since I don't read Arabic, and if you want a "genuine" interpretation of the Qur'an then that is how you're supposed to read it. That makes sense to me as it was the original language it was written in and anything I would read in English would likely be more of an interpretation as opposed to a true translation. That's just my guess though.

Anyway, I'm hoping that this thing will be resolved soon.

Guess the idea that a few folks will take an idea and push it to bring possible disgrace and embarrassment to all in the same "group" is a shared trait worldwide. The funny thing, it was just chance (really) that I happened upon this shirt as I was surfing the net today.

What's that I smell? Oh, it's the theological storm rolling in!

Things like this stuff (all of it) doesn't help my opinion of organized religion, it really doesn't.

Glad I just believe in the simple idea of trying to live a good and decent life (please note the operative word of TRYING).
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