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Emotional Blackmail Day 
14th-Feb-2006 01:42 am
Back in a time I don't think about, and don't care about, someone came up with a nice and novel idea. Take the concept of a loving relationship and turn it into a pre-packaged occasion and completely strip it of the unique feeling each relationship should have. Better yet, create the illusion that those who would dare to turn their backs on the faux emotional celebration were somehow social misfits or simply bitter.

Well, I'm bitter, but it has nothing to do with the fact that I don't have a lot of tolerance for "Valentines Day." Those of you who do celebrate it, I truly do hope that you enjoy your time.

Yet, I find myself wondering every year, why is it that some people live under this illusion that if they don't go out to dinner or do something insanely celebratory on February 14th that somehow they are uncaring or emotionally stunted?

I guess I have this bizarre belief that each couple's love is unique and special to them and the idea that our society (and others) feels the need to TELL THEM they need a day other than their anniversary (first date, first kiss, wedding, and all others some celebrate) to recognize it is...well...insulting.

Again, no disrespect to those of you who enjoy taking the time to make the "holiday" special, but I would caution that if you're really focused on it being a major event then you've probably got some things going on in your relationship that are more important than hoping you'll have the luxury of eating a bag of chalky candy hearts before the end of the night.

Then we have the people who use the "holiday" as a day by which to rate their significant other, which I worry occurs more often than not for those that do celebrate. Therein lies the inspiration for the name of the "holiday" as I see it, Emotional Blackmail Day. I wish I could take credit for the phrase, but I can't. Of course I'm more than happy to spread this alternative title for February the 14th.

So, have fun if you wish on the day. Or better yet, have fun another day. Surprise your significant other on a day that doesn't put a measuring stick to the unique quality our of your love versus those around you.

I believe that each day there should be some way you remind the person you love that you love them. Not because you feel the need to show it, but because you can't stop yourself. I guess that's just my hope though, that people will do that. I guess you could just call me a dreamer or a romantic just because I hope people can show their love 365 days a year (plus one for the leap year). 'Course since I can't stand "Valentines Day" I've probably got a better chance of being called bitter more than anything else. Funny how that works, huh?

Happy Emotional Blackmail Day!
14th-Feb-2006 06:06 pm (UTC) - Hallelujah
Here, here...say it like it is my brother!
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