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Oil Vey! 
19th-Apr-2006 11:37 pm
Well, I've done a pretty good job of keeping focused on my "real" life lately, but I just can't do it anymore. The world outside my own has finally invaded again. However, unlike before I'm going to cut back on the links a bit. Part of my reasoning is that if you aren't informed about something I rant about then I would advise researching it. Don't blindly accept anything I say anymore than you would anyone else, and if you blindly accept anything anyone tells you...well, you need to use your brain more.

So anyway, this oil thing. People are making a big deal about Exxon giving some guy who has retired recently a 400 million dollar retirement package (please keep in mind that he's not getting this stuff in cash and it actually likely getting it in a variety of forms). Some thing this is a kind of perversion of business and is a reflection of how the oil companies only look out for themselves. So....what is the point exactly? Are you telling me that people didn't know about oil companies looking out for number one since...oh...well, they all started making money on a limited resource (that's a nice way of saying it's been going on for a while).

My comment to those who are complaining about the retirement package, SHUT UP! This man is at the end of his career. Sorry folks, but it's too late now. You didn't give a big enough crap when he was doing his thing before to keep the power of the oil companies under control. Now, it's too little too late. If you want to stop buying gas at Exxon in protest (like Bill O'Reilly says he is going to do) then great for you. But again, what are you really doing?

Here is how I see it. Bush is making a big deal now about "alternative" fuel sources. A day late and a dollar short, and that dollar came from all of us by the way. Bush had plenty of time to start this support of the research during his first term. And don't give me that crap about "...but Clinton..." I don't want to hear it. The've all screwed up, regardless of party and name. We need to see how the person who actually has power NOW deals with this situation.

I'm also going to add that I'm sick of this whole "it's a capitalist market" crap I'm hearing from people like Neil Cavuto. You know why? Because it's CRAP! I'm no economist, so it's really likely I'm wrong, but here is the problem I see with this excuse (and that's all it is). The US is supposed to be a capitalist market, but a number of companies are international and not all places they operate are "capital," that is a FACT. So to excuse the actions of an international corporation, or a company that is owned by one, is CRAP! The operation in a "world economy" which is a hodgepodge of rules tailored to those places where they operate. Plus, I'm not familiar with the stock market but the last time I checked oil was on it, and is affected by it and that means it's affected by SPECULATION. That means what people believe MIGHT happen affects the price, that pulls the whole "supply and demand" factor upon which capitalism is largely based right out. It doesn't matter what is really available if I can create the thought in enough people that what I'm offering is scarce. So, Mr. Cavuto can take a flying leap until he actually wants to explain how oil works on the world market and how that affects our capitalist market, and how many option multinational corporations may have in dealing with it.

If you've got more information for me, if you can educate me, please do so. Or even point me in the right direction (I'd expect some kind of reference anyway).

My advice? Start listing what's really important. Gas is likely to be high on the list with food and other necessities. Movies, CDs, DVDs, other entertainment are OPTIONAL. If you're spending cash on that stuff like crazy, don't bitch about the gas prices because if you cut out the frivolous stuff you'd likely have more that enough money for gas (yeah, that applies to me too). If you're barely getting by already and don't do anything frivolous, I really hope something happens to help you.

If you've got to pay for your own gas, think long and hard about where you're spending your cash. If you start cutting back on the frivilous stuff you don't need to worry about fighting the oil companies. Best Buy, Circuit City, movie theaters, and other entertainment based companies and organizations will fight the battle for you. Believe me, if you shift your money away from them they aren't going to be happy with the oil companies (the shift will be noted in polls, don't worry).
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