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An Inconvenient Truth 
12th-Jul-2006 02:20 am
I went to see ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ the other day. VERY good movie if you’re interested in the issue of global warming. Now, I don’t mean just if you’re in the camp that “believes” that global warming exists, I mean even if you DON’T. Personally I think one of the best things people can do is educate themselves regarding the points of the other “side” in such issues.

In what I consider to be the strongest point in the movie Al Gore discusses how scientific articles regarding global warming received a peer review and 0% were found to doubt the idea that global warming is happening. The shocking counter to that was that when general news articles were reviewed 53% were found to doubt the idea of global warming. I’m obviously pulling out of my brain here, so if you want full context (which a working brain would) you should see the movie.

The one thing that I must say is that I’ve never been big of the idea or phrase of “Save the Environment” or “Save the Planet.” That isn’t to say that I think the idea is bad, I just think it’s a misrepresentation of the problem.

Let me say this clearly (as a non-scientific person). We are NOT destroying the environment and we are NOT killing the planet. What we ARE doing is destroying OUR livable environment and OUR ability to live on the planet. The planet was here before us (that’s supported both scientifically and religiously) and it WILL be here after us unless we blow it up (it’s a possibility…I think we’re that stupid sometimes). However, we shouldn’t be so pompous as to believe that just because the human race (and many other species) couldn’t live on the Earth because we screw it up that NO species will be able to live on it.

So, let’s get some truth in advertising here. Let’s talk about securing OUR ability to survive on the Earth and keeping an environment that our species can survive in. Otherwise, it’s all roaches baby!

See the movie. Educate yourself. Save yourself, or at least your descendants.
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